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Our top-notch solution provides extensively fast apps with excellent user experience, also Ai powered algorithms make the location and distance calculation more accurate than ever. Get ready to grow your taxi business with Onride.
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Built Using Modern & Powerful Tech Stack

We are the world’s first Uber clone taxi management software entirely built on Google's Golang and
our realtime communication module was written in Erlang which powers Whatsapp.


Golang is developed by Google with scalability in mind. Unlike NodeJS or PHP, Golang can handle millions of concurrent connections and execute heavy computation tasks like geofencing with ease.Popular companies like Uber uses golang for to handle heavy tasks. We wrote our entire api in Golang to deliver faster app experience.


MQTT is very lightweight realtime protocol,so if you are on a 2G or very slow network,using Websockets or Firebase(uses HTTP) can be a burden because they require high speed network.But MQTT is superfast even on 2G network. Companies like facebook are adopting this but we have already done that for you.Simply Scalable & Future Proof!

TensorFlow (Machine Learning)

Now-a-days ,Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are everywhere and we are really proud and happy to bring the 1st Ai powered Uber clone taxi management software.Currently we are using this for smarter driver assignments,ride sharing/ride pooling and also to make the location and distance calculation more accurate than ever.There is more to come in future to make our apps smarter than you think.


For server&client communication we have used ProtoBuf developed by Google instead of Json to make the server client communication easier and faster. In an average Protocol buffer is 31% smaller than Json and also 6x times faster. So this makes our application extensively fast and also makes our apps to consume 30% less mobile data which in turn makes the customers happy !

We bring the best features that bring value and helps to grow your business

Multilevel Geofencing

With geofencing, drawing virtual boundaries just got easier. With the aid of the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) in this feature, you can determine and calculate the geographical boundaries. And with Multilevel geofencing, you have extra options to

  • Define zones by either selecting the city or forming a boundary in the map
  • Define fares for the designated zones [zone wise, city wise, and zone to zone]
  • Set seperate fare for bookings from airport,railway station or high traffic area
  • Block bookings from some areas of the city by geofencing that and choosing block option.

A panacea for all the lengthy numbers on the speedometer

Recording “As the crow flies” distance is now easy with Accurate Distance feature. It tracks the exact distances covered by your fleet daily without missing on any decimals. With this option, you can shield all the vehicles under your aegis and never miss a dime.

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Internet connectivity is just an option

With AI-powered algorithms, the feature is strong and sturdy to calculate the exact fare based on the distance covered by your vehicle, even without an internet connection. You can now go on the drive internet free and also, without the fear of extra miles calculation.

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A cost-effective solution for your clients

Empower your customers to save their pockets with ride sharing feature. Multiple customers can opt for this feature to get to their destination whilst travelling on the same vehicle. This will allow your customers carpool with security and confidence.

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An intelligible bridge between the Driver and the Rider

Keep your passengers at ease by allowing them to directly interact with the driver. The chat feature is the bridge that will enable conversation between the driver and the rider. Any information that needs to be passed onto each other will happen seamlessly with this feature.

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Tracking every move just got easier

Want to know where your driver and the car is, worried about your passenger’s wait time, concerned about your asset? – Live tracking feature has it all covered. You will exactly know the live location of the car and the driver with this feature. Also, the passengers will be given the privilege of sharing their live location with their kith and kin, all for security reasons.

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